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Always "cooking" something new - Chapter's Activities

The categories below, are meant to give you a first idea of what our Chapter is constantly involved with. Scroll down to find more about each specific activity!
*Always looking for new ideas*


All those events that do require some full-team office hours.


Theoretical, meaning no hands-on or any practical tools discussed.


Seminars conducted with live web conference tools.

Academic Trips.

Bus trips, mainly to industrial facilities.


Theoretical lectures that involve some hands-on or practical parts.

International Conferences.

Europe, U.S., Canada... all over the world!


Successful cooperation regarding co-organized and/or technically supported events.

Social Events.

Work hard, play hard! (Networking and bonding time, party time, shared experience.)


"DIPLOMA" is the one and only, all-students' edited DUTh IAS SBC's magazine. (Printed and Digital!)


Just give us the chance! (High participation)


Our Chapter's awards, our Members' personal awards & our Advisor's personal awards!


“Our industry does not respect tradition – it only respects innovation." - Satya Nadella

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    “...Stay hungry, Stay foolish.”

    Steve Jobs

     - amongst all, Co-Founder of Apple

Recent Activities

You may find our past projects in captions, below. Implementing LIFO: the Latest News can be found on top.
(Clicking on any event's title, you will be able to see the event's report!)